Personal Profile

If you're looking for truly new, different plants for special needs, or just to take the place of the "same old, same old", I'm the one to contact. I've been working with hundreds of new or unusual plants for over 45 years, as well as many varieties of more "common" fruits. I continually add to my store of experience through my many projects. I'm in contact with plant people world-wide and can locate all sorts of varieties and species of new or uncommon fruits, nuts, vegetables, and other plants. My horticulture background (see below) lets me know which have the best potential for a given situation. I'll find or recommend the plants or products right for your needs and conditions and give you the best available information on them. I'll give you sources for the material, or I can provide material from my own collection if it absolutely isn't available elsewhere. I don't have to "push" something just because it needs to be sold - I recommend plants strictly on their merits.

My background includes: Two degrees in horticulture, plus Ph.D level work in plant breeding and genetics; 40+ years experience with several hundred varieties and species of plants; working for and with organizations such as the National Clonal Germplasm Repository at Corvallis, Oregon, North American Fruit Explorers, Seed Savers Exchange, many others; Ongoing correspondence with public and private plant researchers world-wide, and more.